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Top 10 Videos (2022)

Top 10 Videos

2022 Annual Report

January 1 - December 31, 2022

Videos are the number one used asset on Knowitall. Educator usage of these assets really give us a chance to see what you are currently focusing on in the classroom. Safe Students Safe Schools, The French and Indian War History in a Nutshell, and Ninety Six Mill Village Hash House dominate this top ten list. Check out the top 10 videos this year

1. Date Rape | Safe Students Safe Schools​​​​​​​

This top video produced by ETV, these short dramatizations are part of the Partnership Training for Law Enforcement and Education course and can be used with students to initiate discussion. This video deals with date rape.

2. French and Indian War, Part 2 | History In A Nutshell

The French and Indian War played a significant role in shaping North America as we know it today. Part two of this episode briefly takes viewers through the war itself, after war was officially declared in 1756 (1756-1763). Find out how the results of the French and Indian War set the stage for the American colonies declaring independence from Great Britain!

3. Ninety Six Mill Village Hash House | Digital Traditions

Senator Drummond shows the remodeled hash house of the old Ninety Six Mill Village.

4. Ghost Caught on Camera at USS Yorktown | Palmetto Scene

It's no secret that Charleston is one of South Carolinas most haunted cities. In 2014, the ETV production team decided to highlight a place with lots of claims of unexplained paranormal phenomena the USS Yorktown at Patriots Point. 

5. French and Indian War, Part 1 | History In A Nutshell

The French and Indian War played a significant role in shaping North America as we know it today. Part 1 of this series outlines the rising tensions between French and British colonists in North America, as well as between various Native American tribes. Although the war did not officially begin until 1756, there were several early battles such as the Battle of Jumonville Glen, and the disastrous Braddock Expedition. 

6. Making Baskets | Gullah Net

The Gullah tradition of creating coiled grass baskets is a craft that has been handed down from generation to generation. Baskets are made in a variety of shapes and sizes that are unique to the style of the family making them. 

7. Lady on the Bridge | Eye on the Past

Ghost story about the ghost of the lady who hitch-hikes rides with unsuspecting travelers on the bridge over the Wateree River in the swamps near Stateburg.

8. Teacher | Meet the Helpers

Teachers are among the first to help during a school emergency. Dive deeper into a teacher's career and find out how this Helper assists in emergency situations.

9. R. Roy Pearce | Legacy of Leadership Profile

Roy Pearce helped develop Pearce–Young–Angel, a food distribution business founded by his grandfather and father, into one of the largest businesses in South Carolina, creating thousands of jobs during the past 50 years.

10. Black Girls and Fighting - Venus Evans Winters | Equity in Education

Venus Evans Winters is presently working on a scholarship on Black girls and fighting. Winters shares what she has learned through her research.


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