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Top 10 Videos

Top 10 Videos

Q3 2021 Report

July 1 - September 30, 2021

Videos are the number one used asset on Knowitall. Educator usage of these assets really give us a chance to see what you are currently focusing on in the classroom. The Gullah culture, Native Americans, settlement and colonial life dominate this top ten list. Check out the top 10 videos this month.

1. Making Baskets | Gullah Net

In this top video, Mary Jane Bennett shows how to make sweetgrass baskets. Sweetgrass basketry is a recognized art form from the Gullah culture. Visitors can watch women make baskets at the Charleston Market or on the nearby Sea Islands in South Carolina.

2. H. William Close, Son: Elliott Close | Legacy of Leadership

Under the leadership of H. William Close, Springs Industries, Inc., became one of the most successful textile manufacturing companies in the world. Watch this S.C Business Hall of Fame interview with Elliott Close, son of Hugh William Close.

3. French and Indian War, Part 2 | History In A Nutshell

The French and Indian War played a significant role in shaping North America as we know it today. Part two of this episode briefly takes viewers through the war itself, after the war is officially declared in 1756 (1756-1763). Find out how the results of the French and Indian War set the stage for the American colonies declaring independence from Great Britain!

4. Eliza Lucas Pinckney | Legacy of Leadership Profile 

Eliza Lucas was born in 1722 in Antigua and was 16 when she took charge of her father's plantation near Charles Town. This biography follows Eliza's journey.

5. About the Catawba Nation | Let's Go!

The Catawba Indian Nation is the only federally recognized reservation in the state of South Carolina. The Catawba people have lived in the Piedmont region for over six thousand years, and today occupy about three thousand acres in Rock Hill, S.C. Kassidy Plyler from the Catawba Cultural Center provides a brief overview.

6. N Is for Native American | South Carolina from A to Z 

Did you know South Carolina is home to eleven Native American tribes? Students will be able to name them all after viewing this video. Students also learn about the Native American culture.

7. R. Roy Pearce | Legacy of Leadership Profile

Roy Pearce helped develop Pearce–Young–Angel, a food distribution business founded by his grandfather and father, into one of the largest businesses in South Carolina, creating thousands of jobs during the past 50 years. Watch his S.C. Business Hall of Fame biography.

8. When Rice Was King (2): South Carolina's Rice Economy

"Carolina Gold" was considered the favored variety of rice.  This clip describes how the colonial economy boomed as a result of rice.

9. When Rice Was King (1): Intro

Before the American Revolution, the 300 mile coast line of South Carolina was known as the "Kingdom of Rice." Charleston was considered the richest city in Colonial America.

10. When Rice Was King (3): Rice Cultivation And Processing

This clip from When Rice Was King explains the process in which rice is grown, and harvested.


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