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What is a Radiologic Technologist?

A Ragiologic Technologist uses X-ray equipment to take images of the interior of the body to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of patients. They are familiar with human anatomy to correctly position the body under high-tech equipment, to take an image of a particular area. Technologists make sure that other areas of the patient’s body are protected from the radiation used to take the image. Knowledge of mathematics is needed to calculate exposure times and to monitor equipment. Radiologic Technologists must also communicate with the patients who are not feeling well and make them as comfortable as possible.

Real People Profile

Name: Shirin Motorwalla
Workplace: Palmetto Health Richland
Education: Associate Degree in arts and science,
Midlands Technical College
Favorite Subject(s)
in School:
First Real Job: Accountant
Dream Job: Fashion designer
Interests: Exercising, shopping and swimming

Real People Q&A

Advice for students interested in my job: 
Get involved in volunteering at local hospitals.

What subjects in school will students need to do my job?
Science and mathematics

What I like most about my job? 
I like helping people who are sick and don't feel good. It's nice to take X-rays of people and to find out why they are hurting, so the doctor can make them feel better

What is the biggest challenge in my job? 
Seeing sick people. People come in and they don't feel good.

How do you get a job like mine? 
It's important to make good grades in school and go to college. If you want to do this, that's my advice.