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Top 10 Interactives

Top 10 Interactives

Q3 2021 Report

July 1 - September 30, 2021

Many of the popular interactives are from our Signature Series. Interactives are the 2nd most popular assets on Knowitall. Check out the top 10 interactives this quarter.

1. Microscope | Hobby Shop

In this activity, students use a virtual biology lab to perform investigations and learn lab procedures using compound and dissecting microscopes to look at a variety of animal and plant cells.

2. Rocket | Hobby Shop

In this science-based game, choose and customize a rocket. Launch your rocket and learn about Newton's Laws.

3. Listen to Gullah | Gullah Net

Gullah is a spoken language and written the way it sounds. With this activity, students can click on an English word to see and hear the Gullah word.

4. How Sound Travels | NASA Online

The speed at which sound travels from one place to another depends upon the medium and how closely packed the molecules are in the matter. Learn more about how sound travels from the simulation.

5. Got the Blues | Gullah Net

Students will understand traditional blues form that contains three four-measure phrases that follow the pattern AAB. Let Reverend Leroy show you how to express your sad feelings by composing a blues song.

6. Secret Code | Gullah Net

Students will understand that music and material culture became a mode of covert communication between slaves. Aunt Pearlie Sue is our guide as students uncover hidden messages in the work songs enslaved Africans sang in the fields.

7. Carrick Creek | RiverVenture

This mountain stream is nestled in the Blue Ridge Escarpment of South Carolina. Carrick Creek flows within the Saluda watershed, the beginning of a river journey moving water from the mountains to the sea. Explore the Carrick Creek module to learn more about this unique waterway and its geology, cove forest habitat, and aquatic ecosystem.

8. Re-Mix Studio | Music | Artopia

In this interactive, students can be a music producer! Select a type of music and re-mix it!

9. Pine Needle Basket Workshop | A Natural State

Students can make a pine needle basket by following the step-by-step instructions.

10. Create a Storyboard | Artopia

In this interactive, by dropping and dragging the scenes, students learn how to create a storyboard.

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