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Q3 2021 Report

July 1 - September 30, 2021

All lessons on have been created and vetted to address the South Carolina State Department of Education's academic standards and include cross-curricular activities, lesson progressions, assessments, and all the media and content links needed to teach the standards down to their indicators. Educators, we encourage you to submit your lesson plan.

Here are the top 10 lesson plans this month.

1. Absolute Monarch: The Reign of Louis XIV in France 

This Social Studies lesson asks the essential question, "How can we explain Louis XIV’s policies in ruling France as an absolute monarchy and characterize the style of his court?"

2. Gullah Gourmet 

Educators can invite their students to create and eat foods made from healthy Gullah ingredients that give a real “taste” of the culture. This lesson goes along great with our Gullah Net series.

You will notice the next three lessons also address Gullah! 

3. Gullah Storybook 

This is multiple-day lesson plan which involves the creation of an electronic storybook to teach younger students about Gullah. 

4. African Americans in South Carolina: Gullah 

This lesson guides students to read maps, use charts, and visit various sites to discover facts about the Gullah culture. 

5. Catch the Gullah Beat: Rhythm and Percussion 

In 1-2 hours, students can design their own version of traditional Gullah musical instruments.

6. Animal Behavior: How Animals Respond to Their Environment 

In this Science lesson, students will learn about how animals use behavior to respond to environmental stimuli that allow them to survive and reproduce. 

7. Settling the Backcountry

This project-based lesson poses the essential question, How can citizens change their society when they feel government is not responsive to their situation?

8. Mo Willems Author Study 

This two week English Language Arts unit uncovers the craft of writing with author Mo Willems. The first week is about Mo Willems's pigeon books and the second week includes his Knuffle Bunny, Piggie and Elephant books. 

9. Sharecropping Simulation

Students will get to time travel and learn about the life of a sharecropper. 

10. A PBL That Explores Beyond Barbados: The Carolina Connection

This project-based lesson plan serves as the overview lesson for the series, Beyond Barbados: The Carolina Connection.

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