Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

"The arts are all about self-expression, but unless you refine the techniques you need to get your message to your audience, you might as well be talking to yourself. That’s why the South Carolina Arts, AV Technology, and Communications career cluster focuses both on the act of creation and on the technologies that make artistic creation and communication possible. Whether you prefer crafting the message or delivering it, plenty of satisfying jobs in the arts exist in South Carolina."

Pathways to Success: Arts, Audio/Video Technology & Communications​ Edition . Accessed October 1, 2015.

3D VR - The Columbia Museum of Art | Let's Go!
3D VR - The Columbia Museum of Art | Let's Go!


The Columbia Museum of Art sparks powerful connections through art from around the corner and around the world in an environment that is welcoming to all. Click play to view the tour on your device