The Snowbird Cherokees looks at life in the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians, particularly in the relatively isolated traditional community of Snowbird, deep in the mountains of western North Carolina. When Cherokees were evicted from their native lands by the United States government in 1838, many of the ancestors of Snowbird managed to flee in advance of the soldiers, returning to their homes after months of hiding in the forests of the Smokey Mountains.

In addition to exploring the daily lives and culture of the Eastern Cherokees, this program delves into the history of the Cherokees, especially since the arrival of European whites in their territory. Descriptions of traditional Cherokee beliefs offer some insight into their worldview and how Cherokees today see their world and their future. Intercutting historical elements with contemporary life in the Eastern Band, this is one of the few programs that focuses on Eastern, rather than Western, Cherokees.