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First up - we want to be sure that you know what's...


2022 South Carolina African American History Calendar Zine - now available on KnowItAll!

The 2022 Zine offers a variety of activities designed by ETV Education for first through fifth grade students. From crossword puzzles to matching activities, to writing about your superpowers, there should be something in the Zine that catches your interest.

Download the new 2022 Zine now!

2022 Zine Activity Sheets:

Please note: The remaining honorees from the 2022 Zine will be divided into individual sections on each honoree. We will be adding these here on the blog and on KnowItAll soon. 

We also have a new series of videos on Sherman James. There are nine videos now available! 

Despite being a small town in South Carolina, Hartsville, SC produced two honorees of the South Carolina African American History calendar, who grew-up together at the same time: Jannie Harriot (May 2019) and Dr. Sherman James (May 2021). SCETV was fortunate enough to record a conversation between these two distinguished South Carolinians. They discuss what it was like growing up in Hartsville, SC in the 1940s and 1950s.

A social epidemiologist, Dr.  Sherman James is the Susan B. King Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Public Policy at Duke University. He taught at Duke,  the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill,  and the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. In the early 1980s, Dr. James formulated the John Henryism Hypothesis, which posits that repeated, “high-effort” coping (“John Henryism”) over many years with adversity, including adversity caused by structural racism, contributes to the well-known high risk for hypertension in African Americans. He received many awards and accolades for his work.

Jannie Harriot has devoted her life to education, the preservation of South Carolina's African American history, and her family. Harriot is the founding Chairperson of the Butler Heritage foundation - she was instrumental in getting the Darlington County Board of Education to deed her high school alma mater to the foundation, for restoration and preservation. Governor Carroll Campbell appointed Harriot as a charter member of the S.C. African American Heritage Council, which became the S.C. African American Heritage Commission. Jannie Harriot has received numerous awards for her years of service.



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Against the Tide - Charleston's Marine Mammal Response Team | Palmetto Scene

Charleston’s 250-plus resident bottlenose dolphins can swim a little easier now, thanks to the Lowcountry Marine Mammal Network, a non-profit organization and marine mammal first-response team whose mission is to give a voice to the voiceless. When LMMN isn’t saving marine wildlife, they’re organizing events to educate the public about Charleston’s bottlenose dolphin population and inspiring children to become future ambassadors of conservation. If you’re interested in being involved, volunteer work is always needed and be sure to check out LMMN’s free app, “Dolphin Count”, so you, too, can join the effort and become a citizen scientist.  


Asynchronous Studio Lessons

Dr. Nicole Yemothy (Pickens County School District) investigates the effectiveness of antibiotics on bacterial infections. Which antibiotic works best with certain bacterial infections? Find out with Dr. Yemothy!

Dr. Nicole Yemothy (Gettys Middle School) leads a lesson on unknown solutions and how they can be identified using color change and chemical properties. 


From the Sky - new episodes available!

Daufuskie Island | From the Sky

Extending across the southern coastline, South Carolina boasts a variety of sea islands, marshlands, and maritime forests. In fact, this state is home to more barrier islands than any other in the country, excluding Florida.  However, there is one island in particular that stands out amongst the others. With its landscape seemingly frozen in time, and its history going back thousands of years, Daufuskie Island is regarded as one of South Carolina's most enchanting and unique islands. Now, it’s time to take a look at it… From the Sky!


Greenville | From the Sky

A digital series that offers viewers a glimpse into the cities and towns of South Carolina from a “not often seen” vantage point – from above – using a drone camera. 

Located halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville is one of the most rapidly developing cities in South Carolina. The charm of its modern metropolitan area extends past city limits, and its beautiful untouched landscape offers some of the most serene views imaginable, all wrapped in a unique history and culture.  Let’s check out all of what Greenville has in store… From the Sky!


Gullah | From the Sky

When you look at the scenery of South Carolina’s Lowcountry, it’s hard not to admire its beauty and wildlife. Also native to this region, is one of South Carolina's most unique group of people... the Gullah. The Gullah are a community of African-Americans living primarily in the state’s coastal plain and sea islands. Their distinct culture is directly linked to West Africa with its own linguistic and cultural heritage. This is their story told... From the Sky!


Lake Murray | From the Sky

Lake Murray is a 50,000-acre reservoir with roughly 650 miles of sparkling shoreline. Fed by the Saluda River, the lake isn’t just a recreational attraction for locals, but also serves as an essential power station providing 245 million kilowatts of hydroelectricity to the entire midlands region each year.


Railroads | From the Sky

At the turn of the 19th century, North Americans predominantly traveled by wagons or boats, but a new age was on the horizon. Nicknamed “the iron horse”, steam engines became one of the crucial contributions of the industrial revolution in the United States. South Carolina’s valuable agricultural products created the perfect vacuum for this new advancement in technology to thrive. Though the golden age of the railways has long past, we’ll see just how important they were and the significance they still hold today… From the Sky!


South Carolina at Night | From the Sky

From the Sky has featured some of the most striking landscapes and vantage points in South Carolina. But what if this was only half of the picture? When the sun sets on the palmetto state, an entirely new world is unveiled in a dazzling spectacle. Now, it’s time to see the other half of the picture and travel from city to coast, shedding a new light on South Carolina… From the Sky!


South Carolina's Most Haunted | From the Sky

There's a plethora of stories revolving around the world of the unknown in South Carolina. From the ghost pirates of Charleston to the lizard man of the swamps, this state has been the perfect place for these legends and mysterious tales to take root and grow in chilling detail. Now, it’s time to discover some of South Carolina’s most haunted places… From the Sky! 


Southern Campaign | From the Sky

The American Revolutionary War is arguably the most significant conflict in United States history. With over 200 battles, no other state saw as much combat as South Carolina. This theater of war, known as the Southern Campaign, is full of not just glorious battles but of heroic deeds and tales that have been passed down from generation to generation. This is that story told… From the Sky!


Swamps | From the Sky

Most swamps in South Carolina are found on the coastal plain, a region covering 20,000 square miles between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sandhills. A common type of swamp in this area are known as Cypress-tupelo or “Blackwater Swamps”. As their name suggests, blackwater swamps are flooded in a dark-colored, tea-like water.  This is caused by vegetation decay, typically from one of the common trees here, the Tupelo.  When Tupelo leaves fall into the water, biomolecules known as tannins are released giving the swamp its murky appearance. Tannic water also serves as a natural pesticide against mosquitos because of its acidic properties. However, not all insects are affected this same way.  Honeybees in the swamplands produce a very special kind of honey only found here.  Also known as “Swamp Honey”, Tupelo Honey is made exclusively from the nectar producing blossoms of Tupelo flowers. Because of its distinct fruity-floral taste, smooth texture, and high fructose to glucose content, Tupelo Honey is considered to be a delicacy and is famous throughout the world. Learn more. 


Table Rock | From the Sky

Formed nearly 250 million years ago, the Appalachian Mountain range could’ve easily been as tall as the modern Himalayas. Time slowly weathered down these goliaths into the rounded mountains we have today but their beauty has lost none of its potency. Luckily, these aged peaks stretch down far enough to encompass a small region of our state… known as the Blue Ridge Mountains.  One distinctly shaped mountain has caught the eye of natives and travelers throughout time. 


History In A Nutshell

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Join our cartoon avatar host as he guides viewers through the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The U.S. acquired the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, and President Thomas Jefferson wanted to know exactly what he had bought. Between 1804-1806, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led the "Corps of Discovery" on a journey west to the Pacific Ocean on a search for the fabled "Northwest Passage" waterway. Was the journey worth it? Find out in this edition of History in a Nutshell!

New Quizzes for History In A Nutshell - Now Available!


Ladybug Activities - Now Available in our BK Collection: All Things Ladybugs!

These activities are now available in our BK Collection: All Things Ladybugs collection - try them out!

This fun ladybug worksheet allows students to practice their adding skills in different ways.

In this new activity, students will color the number of eggs you see on each ladybug’s back. 

Students use this ladybug worksheet to practice their division skills.

Students use this two-step ladybug worksheet to multiply and draw the number of eggs for each leaf.

Your students can practice their fraction skills to determine the number of colorful spots on the ladybugs.

 In this ladybug worksheet, students use multiplication arrays to write out the equation and find the answer.

In this handout, students use repeated addition to find out how many eggs each ladybug laid. 

This ladybug worksheet allows students to use word problems to practice addition and subtraction..

With this ladybug activity, students get to count and determine which ladybug had the most and least eggs.

This ladybug worksheet allows students to use addition and then determine if their answer is an even or odd number.


Pygg E. Bank Economic$

The series of nine short lessons is about economic empowerment for youth, teaching financial literacy in a fun format. Pygg E. Bank Economic$ encourages the piggy bank theory of saving and managing money. Pygg E. Bank (character puppet star) stands as a symbol of what a piggy bank represents for the new generation of economist.

1. Debt Eliminators

Alisa Boykin introduces the topic of the lesson, debt elimination. By defining credit, Alisa discusses the difference between good and bad credit or debt with the Economic Central characters. By paying back your debt, you restore your credit and your good name.

2. Inflation

Consumer buying is at an all time high. Today’s forecast is EXPENSIVE. Zyler Z. and Kayla K. compare the prices of a candy bar and a telephone call today with previous years. Inflation and its causes are defined. The idea of purchasing power is introduced through the suggestion of starting a savings account to earn interest. Another focus point addresses what happens when prices and unemployment go up causing stagflation.

3. The Money Plan

Kayla K. and Zyler Z. share what their spending practices are such as purchasing video games and candy. What you purchase IS your investment. That’s why it’s important to make smart investments instead of just purchasing what you like. Unproductive investments do not improve our standard of living. The lesson presents what a positive investment can do for your business by promoting your product or service. Most of our purchasing power comes from personal income. Our employer provides most of our personal income by paying for the goods and services we produce. If income goes up, so does spending.

4. Close Encounters

Pygg E. Bank and Alisa examine the concept of GREED. Selfishness is explored as a financial issue in negatively impacting our pocketbooks. Trying to get what others have can cause financial problems in many ways. The inability to prioritize needs or wants can cause economic issues for individuals and families.

5. The Personal Investment

The friends of Economic Central want a new image, a new look, and a new attitude. Kayla K. and Zyler Z. are taking an invested interest in the way they look. Although they would like to have designer clothes, they realize that they must stay within the budget they planned with their parents. Both friends understand that buying stuff that you can’t afford is just showing off. By comparing prices, you can find good quality and affordable prices that make you confident in your appearance while at the same time staying within your budget. By avoiding peer pressure and being a smart buyer, you can learn a lot about good values.

6. The Power of the Purse

The mission of Economic Central is to influence good money skills. The goal is to educate students on the practical principles of money management. Our economy is built by spending income on durable goods and non-durable goods. By spending your income, you become a consumer. Being a responsible consumer is making sure that you save and when you spend, do it with a good purpose. Through this lesson, students get an overview of the “power of the purse.” By having a better understanding of where money is spent and why, students can appreciate the power of a budget.

7. Money Mania

This program reviews key points of managing money by questioning Kayla K. and Zyler Z. in a game show format. Highlights of the game show examine the definitions of debt, economic literacy, entrepreneurship, and credit cards. The program looks at the difference between a checking account and savings account exploring how to save money. The key to financial success is applying the right answers to your life and your financial goals.

8. Money Matters

This lesson discusses the importance of managing money wisely. Zyler Z. wants to purchase an expensive pair of tennis shoes that his parents are not able to afford. The students explain why money matters to them. Alisa explains the expenses of goods and services that most families have and the importance of purchasing items that are within your family budget. After a better understanding of his family budget, Zyler Z. is able to purchase a quality athletic shoe without a special name brand that fits his family budget. The importance of managing money wisely is stressed in this lesson.

9. The Exchange

Economic Central is dedicated to providing a clear understanding of basic finance. In this lesson, the question of where money goes is addressed in basic terms. An explanation is given as they follow the exchange of money for a purchase. The money is followed through the circular process of banking. Currency, check, debit cards, and credit cards are explained. The economy of saving and borrowing is described in student terms. What you do with your money determines your financial worth.


Women of Character: South Carolina Hall of Fame Inductees

This "Carolina Stories" documentary features the biographies of four "leading ladies" in South Carolina history, who have been honored by induction into the South Carolina Hall of Fame...Mary McLeod Bethune (1875-1955) was born in Mayesville, South Carolina to parents who had been slaves, founded Bethune-Cookman University in Florida, and served as a national adviser to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Maude Callen (1898-1990) was a nurse/midwife who brought health care to Pineville, South Carolina and the surrounding areas of rural Berkeley County. Septima Poinsette Clark (1898-1987), born in Charleston, South Carolina, was an educator and civil rights activist who developed literacy and citizenship workshops that significantly influenced the American Civil Rights Movement. Elizabeth Evelyn Wright (1872-1906) grew up in poverty, attended Tuskegee College in Alabama, and founded Voorhees College in Denmark, South Carolina.


Palmetto Heritage - Updated Video Quality and Captions Now Available!

This work brings us closer to completing the steps needed toward offering Spanish translations, which are also planned for this and other series on in the future.

More to come in the near future!




Week of the Young Child  

Visit our Early Learning collection for resources and activities! 


School Library Month & National Poetry Month 


Knowitall features an extensive collection of literacy resources! Be sure to take time to explore!


Ask an Author

Knowitall has produced Q&A video profiles with national authors and illustrators who visit South Carolina. These interview opportunities are provided by partners like the South Carolina State Library.

Baker’s Dozen

Storytelling should be a part of a student’s educational experience because it is a literary activity, a listening activity, a means of transmitting values, and a means of appreciating cultural diversity.

The storytellers in the Baker’s Dozen lessons were influenced by Augusta Baker, a well-known librarian and storyteller who worked in the New York Public Library for many years and taught storytelling at colleges across the country. These thirteen, renowned national and local storytellers were taped in the studios of SCETV as they told their stories in front of elementary-age students who asked the storyteller questions about their story and the art of storytelling.

Be a Media Critic | Artopia

Take a closer look at types of media like photography, radio, film, and television. Record your answers to the Write About It questions in a notebook or a digital document.

Club Write

This series serves as a comprehensive contextualized support for developing writing skills in preparation for high school. Episodes can be used within and across curriculum areas to support many different applications of writing, from lyrics to persuasion to technical reports. In each program, students are challenged to approach a writing assignment in different ways. Strategies for organizing information and structuring personal schedules to complete assignments are depicted. Real-life settings where different writing styles are employed are carefully woven into the stories. Cooperative learning is emphasized. The new CLUB WRITE KIDS is a prequel to this series. Club Write is distributed by AIT (Agency for Instructional Technology). 

Conversations with S.C. Writers

SCETV brings into the studio well-known South Carolina writers to share a little about their careers, writing process and more!

Grammar Pitfalls | Standard Deviants TV

The Standard Deviants clear away confusion and identify the most common grammatical errors.

Gullah Tales

Native Islanders share their folklore and history through storytelling and singing. 

Idella Bodie’s Ghost Tour: A Writer’s Guide

Offers students and teachers a personal view of the writing process.

Inside Storytelling

South Carolina and national storytellers perform interesting stories and talk about the craft of storytelling.

Letter TV I

Letter TV II

Letter TV III

This series primarily teaches letter recognition and sound association to young children. In addition to teaching the common sounds associated with the letters of the alphabet, programs also help children sight-read common words and build confidence and excitement for reading. Every episode introduces some important cross-curricular content that can be developed into a broader learning activity in class. Other lessons focusing on letter combinations and reading rules can be found in LETTER TV II and LETTER TV III. Letter TV is distributed by AIT (Agency for Instructional Technology). 

Literary Tour of South Carolina

Students meet nationally recognized authors who call South Carolina home. They learn about the writing process, making characters come alive on the page, creating the plot, and how important research is to any story, both fiction and non-fiction. 

Mama Phonics

Produced by the S.C. Department of Education in conjunction with ETV, this phonetic series is designed as a review of decoding skills. Mama Phonics and her consonant and vowel children present phonetic rules in a fairy-tale manner. They meet "Detective WordFinder" and help him pronounce words.

Mary Boykin Chesnut | Idella Bodie’s SC Women

Mary Boykin Chesnut kept a diary during the Civil War. Events dramatized in this film were extracted straight from her diary. 

National Book Month | Periscope

This collection celebrates books! 

National Poetry Month: A World of Poetry | Periscope

Poetry is a language spoken around the world. Although you may not regularly sit down and read poetry, chances are you are exposed to some form of it every day. 

On the Other Hand

Designed to teach sign language to teachers and parents of deaf children, this innovative series can also teach signing to classroom students. Through animation, real-life segments, and direct instruction by the series’ hosts, students can learn the fundamentals of this language in order to communicate with friends and classmates who use signing as their primary means of communication. 

Pulitzer Prize Winners in South Carolina

Three programs that feature Pulitzer Prize honorees from South Carolina, including:

Celebrating Pulitzer Commentary with Kathleen Parker and Jim Hoagland, moderated by Charles Bierbauer.

Celebrating Pulitzer Novelist Julia Peterkin.

Celebrating Pulitzer Public Service Journalism with the Charleston Post and Courier.

Punct Rock

Standard Deviants TV: Punct Rock covers the apostrophe, the dash, the hyphen, and answers the question, "What's Punctuation?"

Reading, Safety & Internet Safety Minutes

Two of these short programs provide a fun, unique way to encourage middle and high school students to read for fun as well as for information. The other four attention-getting vignettes are designed to help students understand how to be safe at school, at home and online. School Resources Officers talk about what is the safe behavior in each situation. 

Scholastic Children’s Stories

Scholastic Children's Stories are grouped into six collections: Families, Feelings & Friendship, Fantasy & Imagination, Favorite Animal Stories, Folk Tales & Fables, Multicultural, and Seasons & Nature.

Shakespeare | Standard Deviants TV

The Standard Deviants get up-close and personal with Shakespeare's famous plays, Hamlet and Macbeth.

Storytime with SCETV

Storytime with SCETV is an online series that promotes the love of reading and literary stories connected to South Carolina. In this series, Friends of ETV share and read literary favorites, many of which are connected to South Carolina. Packages include the reading and at least one supplemental teaching and learning activity.

Tune Up to Literacy

Recommended for preK-3, Tune Up to Literacy encourages literacy using original songs by composer/lyricist/educator Dr. Al Balkin, composer who wrote music for The Hobbit, and several off-Broadway children’s musicals. The programs musically introduce and reinforce concepts such as punctuation and sentence construction.

Writer’s Workshop

Please note: This content was created as part of a college-level course. Some of the content may contain adult themes or language not suitable for all audiences.

For this workshop series, 15 major talents in contemporary literature met in a forum with well-known author William Price Fox and USC creative writing students. Each writer discussed personal writing methods, furnishing insights into the highly individualized process of literary creation. Featured writers include George Plimpton, James Dickey, James McPherson, John Gardner, John Hawkes, John Irving, Kurt Vonnegut, Nora Ephron, Pauline Kael, Reynolds Price, Stephen Spender, Susan Sontag, Tom Wolfe, William Price Fox, and William Styron.  

Writers from the South Carolina Hall of Fame

South Carolina Hall of Fame honors and recognizes contemporary and past citizens who have made outstanding contributions to South Carolina’s history and progress. Writers Include Elizabeth Coker, Mary Simms Oliphant, Pat Conroy, Robert Bass, and Walter Edgar.


* South Carolina educators, please register for an account on to gain access to all of the content that is available to SC teachers.


More Poets!


Financial Literacy Month


***View the full descriptions above - under NEW ON KNOWITALL.ORG! 

The series of nine short lessons is about economic empowerment for youth, teaching financial literacy in a fun format. Pygg E. Bank Economic$ encourages the piggy bank theory of saving and managing money. Pygg E. Bank (character puppet star) stands as a symbol of what a piggy bank represents for the new generation of economist.

  1. Debt Eliminators
  2. Inflation
  3. The Money Plan
  4. Close Encounters
  5. The Personal Investment
  6. The Power of the Purse
  7. Money Mania
  8. Money Matters
  9. The Exchange


National Public Health Week 

OUR KNOWITALL HEALTHY! COLLECTION IS A GREAT PLACE TO START! We hope you'll follow up by ACTING on these suggestions!


Resources for April dates related to Health and Fitness are available here:

Sexual Assault Awareness MonthTake Down Tobacco Day of Action, Love Your Produce Manager Day, National Student Athlete DayNational Walking Day, and World Health Day.

The theme for World Health Day 2022 is "Our planet, our health." Visit our Environmental Awareness Collection and discover the resources available! 


Yom HaShoah

Yom HaShoah in English is known as Holocaust Remembrance Day to commemorate and honor the loss of approximately six million Jewish people during the second World War. It is a national holiday in Israel and celebrated by Jewish people all over the world. Visit the Holocaust Remembrance Collection




These include National Zoo Lovers Day, National Unicorn Day, National Former Prisoner of War Recognition Day, National Farm Animals Day, National Pet Day, National Submarine Day, International Day of Human Space Flight, National Peach Cobbler Day, Look Up at the Sky Day, National Dolphin Day, National Orchid DayInternational Bat Appreciation Day, National Ellis Island Family History DayEarth DayInternational Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance DayYom HaShoah, International Jazz Day and more!



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