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PreK - Grade 2

Early Learning resources in a number of subject areas for PreK through Grade 2 students.

KidsECON Episode 1- Grocery Store Lesson Plan
KidsECON Episode 1- Grocery Store Lesson Plan


After watching KidsECON Episode 1, "The Grocery Store," the students will identify and compare wants and needs, explain how wants and needs change over time, explain why people have jobs, and describe...

Grocery Store | KidsECON
Episode 1


Laila takes us on a tour through the grocery store. Learn the difference between a need and a want in the first episode of KidsECON. About the Series Laila, Ella, and Jayden are taking part in a...
Ladybug Fraction Worksheet
Ladybug Fraction Worksheet


Your students can practice their fraction skills to determine the number of colorful spots on the ladybugs.