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Myrtle Beach State Park is located along South Carolina's Grand Strand and its the first state park to open in South Carolina. It was a property donated to the state back in 1934 and it officially opened in 1936. The park has tried to maintain many of the structures like facilities, cottages and cabins originally built by the  Civilian Conservation Corps. Many of the structures withstood several hurricanes from the past 50+ years.

The dunes at Myrtle Beach State Park a provide a vital role in protecting the habitat behind it from the high tides and any hurricanes or strong storms. The dunes also provide habitat for nesting sea turtles, ghost crabs and other wildlife. Visitors are discouraged to stay off the dunes.  The sea oats and grasses help protect the dunes.

This is one of few areas left that visitors can see what a maritime forest is in Horry County.  This forest stays green year-round and its sculpured from the ocean spray. Inside the maritime forest you can find birds like warblers, tanagers, vireos, and other great tropical migrants.  It's a great way to see what Myrlte Beach used to look like in the past.

This park participates in the Discover Carolina program for schools. They teach students about sea turtles, the dunes ands some of the other habitats.

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