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The host joins Park Manager Ron Fischer at Charlestowne Landing State Historic Site aboard the "Adventure." The "Adventure" is a reproduction of a 17th-century sailing vessel and was built for the tricentennial in 1970. Visitors are able to receive hands-on learning about nautical sailing during the 17th century and about the Charlestowne settlement. The vessel is usually re-built every few 30-32 years. Visitors will then be able to see the woodworking and the carpentry of the 17th century. During the Founders Day celebration, visitors can see reenactment of the 17th century militia muster.

The goal of the Charlestown settlement was to establish a plantation economy based upon success that occurred on the island of Barbados, which in 1670 was the most affluent British colony in North America.

The site includes one of the only zoos in Charleston. The zoo exhibits animals that were indigenous to South Carolina in 1670 like puma, bear, bison, and elk. These are animals that people don't associate with South Carolina.

There is also an archeologist dig at Charlestowne Landing which shows the remains of the palisade. Colonists were instructed to build a palisade to fortify the area as soon as they landed.


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