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Musgrove Mill State Historic Site is the site of the August 19, 1780 Battle of Musgrove's Mill. A small band of about 200 American militiamen, defeated a larger, combined force of Loyalist militia as well as British Provincial regular soldiers. This site is very important in South Carolina's role in the Revolutionary War.

The Musgrove Mill site does regular event and encampments that include re-enactors dressed like militiamen, British and American regular soldiers. There are also re-enactors dressed as civilians doing cooking and soap-making demonstrations to give a visitors a sense of stepping back in time to get a sense of what life was like.

Every weekend during summer, there are guided tours, of the battlefield as well as the home and mill sites of Edward Musgrove, who was the landowner here during the Revolutionary War. Edward's daughter Mary Musgrove is a bit of a legendary figure in this area. She was alleged to have been a spy to help the American cause.  One of her exploits was to have hidden a young Revolutionary War soldier under a waterfall prior to the battle of Musgrove's Mill. That waterfall's called Horseshoe Falls which is located on the park.

The visitor's center provides a good opportunity to learn about other American Revolutionary War resources.

The Enoree River actually cuts through the park and provides opportunities for viewing wildlife up close, canoeing and kayaking. It's a great place for beginners.

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