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Learn early South Carolina history at Colonial Dorchester State Historic Park. The site dates back to 1697 and was occupied by settlers until the 1780s.

Colonial Dorchester has one of the best preserved tabby structures. Tabby is a combination of whole oyster, sand, water, and crushed, burnt oyster. All of these materials were made into a lime mixture and acted similar to a concrete or cement mixture. This material was used to construct the walls.

The tabby fort on the Colonial Dorchester site was built in the 1750s in order to protect the powder magazine behind it. The powder magazine was placed there in response to the French and Indian threat during the French and Indian War. The fort kept a nice supply of gunpowder for the Charleston calvary to draw if needed.

Other remaining structures at Colonial Dorchester include a church, cemetery, and other houses.

Volunteers can help with the archeological digs on the site.


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