Civilian Conservation Corps | History of SC Slide Collection

One of the most popular of all the New Deal efforts to provide relief during the depression was the creation of the Civilian Conservation Corps. The CCC was designed to take young men who did not have jobs, place them in camps run with military discipline, and put them to work building public works projects, primarily reforestation and soil conservation. Much of this was done in national and state parks. This had two good effects. It meant that their families were relieved of the costs of feeding and clothing them, and they even received small amounts from their sons' pay to help meet their own expenses. At the same time, many permanent improvements were made to state and national parks. These young men are new enrollees at the CCC camp at Table Rock State Park, and are attending a lecture. CCC workers also built picnic shelters at Edisto Island, a bathhouse at Myrtle Beach, a shelter at Cheraw, and made improvements all over the state of South Carolina.

Courtesy of the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.