Learn about habitats in South Carolina.

Wild Turkey | South Carolina Public Radio


"W" is for Wild Turkey. A wild turkey is a large galliforme, that is, chicken-like bird. Males weigh up to 20 pounds and females half as much. The turkey is characterized by its large size, iridescent...
The Congaree River | History Of SC Slide Collection
The Congaree River | History Of SC Slide Collection
Episode 8


The Congaree River was an important route for travel into the interior of the state until well into the 20th century. Steamboats and barges transported freight and passengers. Some of the steamboats...
Catawba River Habitat | Parks Adventures Minutes


The Catawba River is a great place to canoe or go kayaking because of the rocky shoals in Lanceford Canal State Park. In 1823, the canal was built, so larger boats could deliver goods to the coast.
This is Brookgreen Gardens
Episode 5


The Huntingtons' commitment to animals lives on at Brookgreen today. Native creatures find a safe home here, and the Lowcountry wildlife area exhibits both wild and domestic animals. The Animals of...
Andrew Jackson State Park | Destination: SC Parks


Andrew Jackson State Park is located in Lancaster County. Andrew Jackson claimed he was born on a South Carolina plantation that is now the area for Andrew Jackson State Park. He was known as the...