Learning Can Be Fun! | Annabelle & the CoGlo Amigos - Episode 4


Join Annabelle and her friends as they embark on a day full of learning and excitement at school in A Day at School.

Annabelle reflects on her favorite parts of the day which include Ms. Kitty using blocks to teach letters and sounds. Counting and identifying objects are fun too! Gazzie correctly identifies words that start with the letter "B," while Glory demonstrates the sound a bumblebee makes. Together, they count blocks and celebrate their achievements. Later, the class practices writing their names, with Rico proudly spelling out his name correctly.

Annabelle decides this is "best day ever" and eagerly anticipates returning to school the next day.

A Day at School encourages children to share their favorite parts of the school day with their friends while emphasizing the importance of always striving to be their best.


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