First Day of Kindergarten | Annabelle & the CoGlo Amigos - Episode 3


Get ready to start the day with Annabelle as she embraces a positive morning routine and a love for learning in First Day of Kindergarten.

Annabelle rises and shines, encouraging everyone to greet the world with enthusiasm. From putting on her best shoes and giving them a twirl to taking care of her personal hygiene, she emphasizes the importance of always being your best. With her homework packed and backpack ready, she eagerly anticipates playing tag and facing challenges alongside her friends. Together, they find strength and support in each other, knowing that they can conquer any test that comes their way. School days become a journey of discovery and growth as Annabelle counts to ten, learns her ABCs, and practices gratitude by remembering to say "Thank you and Please."

Join Annabelle and her friends as they embrace the message of always striving to be your best in First Day of Kindergarten.


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