Annabelle Goes to the Dentist | Annabelle & the CoGlo Amigos - Episode 5


Join Annabelle, Leonard, and Mingo Rose on their visit to the dentist in Annabelle Goes to the Dentist.

When Dr. Millie asks Annabelle about her oral hygiene habits, Annabelle proudly shares that she brushes her teeth twice a day and flosses before brushing. Dr. Millie examines Annabelle's teeth and gives her a clean bill of health, much to the delight of Mingo Rose. Annabelle's dentist explains to her that as she grows older, she may experience loose teeth as her baby teeth make way for permanent ones.

Annabelle is amazed to learn that adults have 32 teeth. Dr. Millie reminds Annabelle to visit again in six months.

Annabelle Goes to the Dentist emphasizes the importance of dental care and the connection between good health and happiness while encouraging children to always strive to be their best.