Rise and Shine | Annabelle & the CoGlo Amigos - Episode 2


Join Annabelle on her cheerful school day adventure as she embraces the importance of being her best in Rise and Shine.

With a lively tune, Annabelle rises and shines, greeting the world with enthusiasm. She follows a routine of taking care of herself, from eating a nutritious breakfast to brushing her teeth and combing her hair. Equipped with her homework and backpack, she looks forward to playing tag and facing any challenges that come her way. Together with her friends, she learns valuable lessons such as counting to ten, knowing her ABCs, and practicing gratitude by saying "Thank you and Please." Through the power of togetherness, Annabelle and her friends inspire each other to always be their best.

Join in the catchy song and enjoy the joyous journey of being the best version of oneself.


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