#111 November Factoids

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November 1-30

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November 1-30 is National Career Development Month.

Be sure to visit the Career Explorations Collection here!


November 1-30 is Native American Heritage Month.

View the Native American Heritage Collection here.


November 1-30 is College Application Month

(August - December each year)

Carolina Classrooms: Making College Affordable 2018 – View Online!

In addition to viewing the full program online, these segments are also available:

Scott Verzyl, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, University of South Carolina, discusses the College Application process.

Gerrick Hampton, Program Manager of Scholarships and Grants,  South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, discusses scholarships.

For More Assistance, Visit SC Can Go from the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.



On November 2, 1938, Richard Serra was born. He interested cities in his artwork and many of his artworks have been designed for outdoor urban sites. (Artopia)


On November 3, 1909, J Wilson Newman was born. He was inducted into the South Carolina Business Hall of Fame in 1933. (Legacy Of Leadership Profile)


Election Day (2019) - It is the day when popular ballots are held to select public officials. These include national, state and local government representatives at all levels up to the president.   It can fall on or between November 2 and November 8. View our video, Are You Eligible to Vote? (Ready To Vote)


DeQuincey Newman is voted the first African American South Carolina senator since the end of Reconstruction in 1983. (History Of SC Slide Collection)


Veterans Day and Armistice Day - A day we celebrate American veterans of all wars.

Visit our Veterans Day Collection to view these series that commemorate the veterans who fought for our freedom:

On November 11, 1922, author Kurt Vonnegut was born. (Writer's Workshop)

On November 11, 1895 Charles E. Daniel was born. He was inducted into South Carolina Business Hall of Fame in 1985.(Legacy Of Leadership Profile)


On November 12, 1922, Ben R. Morris was born. He was inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Fame in 1990. (Legacy Of Leadership Profile)


On November 14, 1864, General William Tecumseh Sherman burned Atlanta, Georgia completing his March to Sea. (Mary Long's Yesteryear)


The Articles of Confederation were adopted by the Continental Congress on November 15, 1777. (Forgotten Founder)

Learn more about why the Articles of Confederation failed! (History In A Nutshell)

America Recycles Day - day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. View our videos on discarding sustainably!

On November 15, 1887, artist Georgia O'Keefe was born. She is renowned for her images of gigantic flowers, cityscapes, and distinctive desert scenes. (Artopia)


On November 18, 1919, Hugh William Close was born. He was inducted into the South Carolina Business Hall of Fame in 1987. (Legacy Of Leadership Profile)

On November 18, 1888, Frances Marion was born. She won the second and third Oscars ever awarded to the craft of screenwriting. (Artopia)


On November 19, 1973, Savion Glover was born. He won prestigious awards including 1996 Tony Awards, 1996 Drama Desk Award, and 1996 Dance Magazine Choreographer of the Year Award. (Artopia)


November 20 is Universal Children's Day

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On November 20, 1870, David Robert Coker was born. He was known as an agribusiness man and social reformer and inducted into the South Carolina Business Hall of Fame in 2003. (Legacy Of Leadership Profile)


On November 22, 1718, notorious pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach) was killed just off the coast of Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. Blackbeard had an illustrious career as a pirate lasting around 18 months. (History Of SC Slide Collection; Carolina Stories)


On November 28, 1934, bank robber George "Baby Face" Nelson's crimespree ended. Melvin Purvis, most famous for the John Dillinger case, worked on the case, but was re-assigned by J. Edgar Hoover. (Carolina Stories)


On November 30, 1919, Robert Roy Pearce was born. He was a director of First Bank Shares of South Carolina, South Carolina National Corporation, and Sonoco Products Company. He was inducted into the South Carolina Business Hall of Fame in 1996. (Legacy Of Leadership Profile)



These factoids were compiled by Imani-Grace King, 2017 ETV Endowment Intern (Digital Media/Knowitall)

Updated by Andrew Davis, Media Production Assistant (Digital Media/Knowitall)