Food Traditions

Take a historical look back at the types of food tradtions in South Carolina.
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Fish and Grits | Carolina Snaps


The combination of seafood like fish or shrimp with grits has its origins in Charleston, South Carolina. Grits, an ancient staple, predate European conquest, African enslavement, and the founding of...
Rice in South Carolina | Carolina Snaps


In 1685, John Thurber, a pirate, inadvertently introduced rice to America. After a storm damaged his ship, he stopped in Charleston, SC, where he met Dr. Henry Woodward. In exchange for assistance...
Hoppin' John | Carolina Snaps


Discover the history of Hoppin' John, a beloved dish that's graced holiday tables since the 1800s. This simple yet delicious combo of peas, pork, and rice is believed to bring luck and peace for the...
Grosvenor, Vertamae | South Carolina Public Radio


"G" is for Grosvenor, Vertamae (1938-2016). Writer, culinary anthropologist. A native of Allendale County, Grosvenor moved with her family to Philadelphia when she was ten. After high school she lived...
What is Real Southern Cooking? | Take on the South
Episode 7


Dr. Walter Edgar, John T. Edge, Author and Director of the Southern Foodways Alliance, University of Mississippi, Matt and Ted Lee, award winning cookbook authors will debate "What is Real Southern...
Barbecuing | History Of SC Slide Collection
Barbecuing | History Of SC Slide Collection
Episode 7


Barbecue in its many forms is a tradition so important in South Carolina cuisine that regional variations in barbecue sauce were included in a recent geography of the state! Here, a St. Helena's...