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Public schools observe John C. Calhoun's birthday, March 18, as South Carolina Day. 


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Crabbing & Fishing in the Marsh | The Salt Marsh


The salt marsh is home to many animals, including some that people like to eat. Blue crabs are often caught in wire boxes called crab pots. Shrimp grow from tiny larvae to big adults while they live...
Male Fiddler Behavior | The Salt Marsh


Male fiddler crabs have one large claw, which can be either their left or right. They wave these large claws at other males to frighten them away from their territory. When they wave the claw, they...
Raccoon | The Salt Marsh


It ís a raccoon! Raccoons often feed near water and frequently visit the salt marsh during low tide. Raccoons are omnivorous and eat many different plants and animals. In the salt marsh, they often...
Working For The S.C. Confederate Relic Room And Museum
Episode 13


Dr. Fritz Hamer talks about his career path, and how he became the curator of history, and archivist at South Carolina's Confederate Relic Room And Military Museum. Check out Knowitall's virtual tour...
Woodrow Wilson Family Home | Let's Go!


The Woodrow Wilson House in Columbia is the only museum in the nation dedicated to telling the story of Reconstruction. Reconstruction - the period after the end of the Civil War - remains one of the...
Backstage Pass! | Carolina Stories
Episode 5


Since 1986, Myrtle Beach has become a hot spot for live entertainment, with theater, live music, comedy, adventure, and death defying thrills. Theatrical productions have become an important part of...
Brookgreen Gardens | South Carolina Public Radio


"B" is for Brookgreen Gardens. The Archer M. and Anna Hyatt Huntington Sculpture Gardens at Brookgreen rests on thirty acres of display gardens in the middle of some 9,100 acres of the South Carolina...