National Peach Month

South Carolina is second in the nation in peach production. 

In March of 1982, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July to be National Peach Month. South Carolina is second in the nation in peach production (second only to California). The SC Legislature made the peach the official state fruit in 1984.

Peaches | Carolina Snaps


Did you know that South Carolina should be the real Peach State? We produce more peaches than any state in the Southeast.
The Ridge, Part 2
Episode 2


Edgefield County English teacher Lynn Booraem takes us on a tour through The Ridge’s roadside stands. The main produce sold at these stands are peaches, watermelons, cantaloupes, and tomatoes. “The...
Gaffney, Part 6
Episode 6


Gaffney takes peaches seriously. Not only is Gaffney the home of the South Carolina Peach Festival, but its million gallon water storage tank is also in the shape of a giant peach.
Dori Sanders: Clover | Periscope
Dori Sanders: Clover | Periscope
Episode 12


The setting for her first book, Clover, is a peach farm like the one Dori Sanders grew up on. Clover was published in 1990 and immediately became a best-seller. In the story, Clover is a 10-year-old...
Johnston: Peach Capital of the World | ETV Shorts


Located just about 100 miles from the center of the state is the "Peach Capital of the World." Johnston is a small town with a large variety of restaurants and shops that makes this "Mayberry," as the...