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Public schools observe John C. Calhoun's birthday, March 18, as South Carolina Day. 


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Charleston Tea Garden | From the Sky


With over 25,000 farms and 4 million acres farmland in South Carolina, agriculture is the number one industry in the state. Corn, Cotton, and Soybeans are some of the top commodities but there’s only...
City of Columbia | From the Sky


The city of Columbia is not just at the geographical center of the state, it's also at the center of governmental and commercial activity. Affectionately known as Soda City, Columbia is well known for...
Sassafras Mountain | From the Sky


Located along the South Carolina - North Carolina border in Pickens County and towering over 3,500 feet, Sassafras Mountain is the highest point in the state of South Carolina.
Charleston Harbor | From the Sky


When it comes to South Carolina history, there are few places that are as significant as Charleston Harbor. Through the centuries, the harbor has experienced a wave of transformation, leaving bits of...
Lake Jocassee | From the Sky


The enchanting peaks and serene basins of Lake Jocassee are unlike anything else in South Carolina! And they can best be seen...From the Sky! Fly over the 75,000-acre reservoir that is commonly known...
3D VR - The Columbia Museum of Art | Let's Go!
3D VR - The Columbia Museum of Art | Let's Go!


The Columbia Museum of Art sparks powerful connections through art from around the corner and around the world in an environment that is welcoming to all. Click play to view the tour on your device