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Public schools observe John C. Calhoun's birthday, March 18, as South Carolina Day. 


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The Catawba Cultural Center | Let's Go!


At the Catawba Cultural Center visitors can learn about many important aspects of the traditions of the Catawba people. The museum includes various displays on the tribe's important chiefs, the unique...
Fort Hill Photo Gallery | Let's Go!
Fort Hill Photo Gallery | Let's Go!


Fort Hill, the antebellum plantation of John C. Calhoun, South Carolina’s pre-eminent 19th century statesman, started as a four-room Clergy Hall. Through a succession of Calhoun-Clemson women, Fort...
Tides | The Salt Marsh


Tides flood into the salt marsh twice a day and bring salty water from the sea. Then twice each day the tide ebbs and leaves the salt marsh high and dry. The tides are at their highest (and lowest)...
Terrapin | The Salt Marsh


The upper surface of the terrapin's shell, called the carapace, is formed of 13 plates, or scutes. Each scute is roughly circular and grooved with rings. Since one ring is formed each year, the age of...
Great Egret | The Salt Marsh


The great egret is a large white wading bird. Unlike the snowy egret, the great egret has a yellow bill and black legs and feet. This bird is the symbol of the National Audubon Society. Their long...
Mud Snail | The Salt Marsh


The mud snail is black, with a very strong shell, and is about 1/2 inch in length. It is an effective scavenger and hundreds of snails will collect around a dead fish or shrimp bait until they...