Reflections of Columbia, Part 4 - The Roaring Twenties | Carolina Stories


The 1920s was a prosperous time for Columbia. The city experienced a cultural renaissance, even though the rural areas were feeling early pings of the oncoming depression. Dance clubs for both Whites and Blacks popped up everywhere in Columbia, and Vaudeville Theater, motion pictures, and jazz music also grew in popularity. 

The South Carolina State Fair witnessed a boom in popularity, and established the tradition known as “Big Thursday”, the Carolina-Clemson football game!

The economic boom in Columbia also saw an increase in need for education. Booker T. Washington High School made a name for itself with the teaching and training of African American students, and earned its reputation as a prominent institution for higher learning.

The 1920s also saw the founding of Owen’s Field Airport, which became an important stop for pilots and travelers.