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Standard HG.3.4.HS

HG.3.4.HS Investigate and evaluate the cultural conditions in different regions that play a role in cooperation and conflict over time.

Grade(s): 9

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

Beyond Barbados Glossary
Beyond Barbados Glossary


Part 1: In the Beginning ( CLICK FOR VIDEO ) Amalgam – A mixture or blend Amerindians – A member of the indigenous peoples of the Americas Barbados – An island country in the Lesser Antilles of the...
Beyond Barbados | Carolina Stories
Episode 5


A Cultural Hearth The success of Barbados, Carolina, America, the New World for that matter is coterminous with slavery. The labor, the technology, the ingenuity, and the culture that supported this...
Part 5: A Cultural Hearth
Part 5: A Cultural Hearth


Historians refer to Barbados as the cultural hearth of the Americas. This cultural hearth resulted in a cultural transference. As demographics changed and power shifted, so did perceptions of “place”...

Freewoods Farm | Reconstruction 360


Reconstruction 360 is built on a 360 degree video platform that features a reenactment set on a farm in 1865. The reenactment was shot at Freewoods Farm, a living farm museum in the Freewoods...
Forty Acres and a Mule | Reconstruction 360


Historian Kate Masur explains the origins of 40 Acres and a Mule, a famous phrase that many have heard but may not fully understand. It originated in the early days of Reconstruction, when General...
Reflections of Columbia, Part 4
Episode 4


The 1920s was a prosperous time for Columbia. The city experienced a cultural renaissance, even though the rural areas were feeling early pings of the oncoming depression. Dance clubs for both Whites...