Gilda Cobb-Hunter, Part 2 | SC African American History Calendar - Episode 2


Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter Discusses her Role in the Removal of the Confederate Flag

Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter has served in the South Carolina State House of Representatives since 1992. She is the first African American woman elected to the State House from Orangeburg County. The Confederate flag has long been a source of contention in the South. South Carolina legislature has debated the place where the flag should best be displayed for decades. Cobb-Hunter and her legislative allies took on the challenge of removing the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds in 2015.

Cobb-Hunter explains the events leading up to the removal of the flag in this video clip. She begins with the initial process, including the many discussions with her political colleagues. Cobb-Hunter walks through the events of the day the legislature voted to have the flag removed. Cobb-Hunter discusses at length the NAACP boycott and its economic influence in the decision to remove the flag.

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