Forgotten Founder: Introducing Charles Pinckney | Carolina Stories - Episode 1


Forgotten Founder is a historical visualization of the biography of Charles Pinckney, whose life serves as the basis for much of where and how we live today. Through the use of original digital art work, period illustrations, historical documents, dramatic reenactments, and studio interviews, this program will weave a tapestry that tells the story of a true public servant whose contributions to the birth of our nation and state are matched by no other historical figure.

This segment provides biographical information including Charles Pinckney's family, education, property holdings, and agricultural interests, including crops, such as rice and  vegetables, as well as ornamental gardens. Soon after being elected to serve in the Assembly, Charles Pinckney joined the militia and served in the Revolutionary War.

Funded in part by the Friends of Historic Snee Farm and Humanities Council S.C.