Forgotten Founder: Siege at Savannah | Carolina Stories - Episode 2


At age 21, Charles Pinckney was a lawyer, a State Representative and a Lieutenant in the S.C. Militia. His first exposure to war was at the siege of Savannah. The siege at Savannah was an attempt to recapture Savannah after the British had taken it. The British were victorious, and Pinckney straggled home with the disordered and badly battered troops. The British then laid siege to Charles Town in May 1780, and put Charles Pinckney under house arrest. His father, Col. Charles Pinckney, feared that his land would be confiscated by the British and became a loyalist. Charles Pinckney resisted and ended up in a prison ship, where he wrote a letter about the disagreeable conditions. After a little over a month on the prison ship, the Pack Horse, Pinckney and the other prisoners were released and paroled to Philadelphia, where they waited out the end of the War.