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Standard 5.4.CC

5.4.CC Analyze the continuities and changes of race relations in the United States and South Carolina following the Supreme Court decisions of Briggs v. Elliott and Brown v. Board of Education.

Grade(s): 5

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

Modjeska Monteith Simkins House - Video Guide
Modjeska Monteith Simkins House - Video Guide


Students will use the first 7 questions to help follow the content discussed in the video. The last 2 questions are open-ended questions. Use questions 9 and 10 to start an open discussion on the...
Historic Scott’s Branch High School | Let's Go!


The original Scott’s Branch High School was formed to serve African American students in Summerton, South Carolina. Originally known as the Taw Caw School, the school's name changed due to the...