Dori Sanders, Author | Periscope

Dori Sanders' book Clover has been translated into five different languages and made into a Disney film. The story is set in the countryside of South Carolina, and told through the eyes of a 10-year-old African-American girl named Clover.

Storytelling was part of Dori's childhood. As a child, Dori and her sisters and brothers gathered around a "storytelling rock" for hours to share stories. Just like Clover, she grew up in a rural farming community. Dori's family owned a peach orchard on which she learned to farm. During the off-season, Dori would travel north to work odd jobs. She once worked at a banquet hall where they served food to large numbers of people. The many menus and napkins lying around became the paper on which Dori wrote some of her first stories. The owner of the hall read some of her writings and encouraged her to stick with it. Dori had found her calling.