Modjeska Simkins - Glossary | Idella Bodie S.C. Women


Abandon – leave place because of danger; leave somebody behind
Career – long-term or lifelong job
Communist – a supporter of Communism or a member of an organization that supports or practices Communism
Coward – somebody lacking courage
Dawdle – move slowly
Fired – dismiss somebody from work
Half-breed – born to parents of different races
Inequality – lack of equal treatment; unequal opportunity
Inequity – lack of fairness or justice, unfair
Ignorance – lack of knowledge or education
Inhuman – very cruel, unfeeling
Injustice – unfair treatment
Innocent – not guilty of a crime or offense
Intolerance – refusal to accept differences
Loyalty – a feeling of devotion, duty
Lynching – murder, usually by hanging
NAACP - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People organization
Self-defense – defend oneself from attack
Tuberculosis – an infectious disease that affects the lungs
Widower – a man whose wife has died