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Abandoned – leave somebody behind
Campaign – vote seeking activities
Candidate – someone who is being considered for a political office
Confidential – private or secret
Decades – groups of ten years
Election – event at which people vote
Filed – submit name to be a candidate
Fired – dismiss someone from work
Immoral – dishonest; not moral
Opinion - belief
Outsiders – somebody who does not belong
Politics – activities associated with government
Prove – turn out to be something; establish truth
Superintendent – someone in charge of a school district
Supervisor – someone in charge
Term –period of time something lasts
Terminated – fire someone

Classroom Activities

Research: Individual students or small groups. Students utilize a variety of research materials to create a short presentation about the different stages of Mary Gordon Ellis’ life: as an educator, as an important figure in the process of equality for all and as the first women to be elected to the South Carolina Legislature. Explain why Mary Gordon Ellis was important to the state. Reports should be presented to the class or larger group.

Timeline: Bulletin Board. Create a class timeline of Mary Gordon Ellis’ life through her service in the South Carolina Legislature. Emphasis should be placed on her achievements during her years of service as an educator and senator.

Biography: Select a female serving in the SC State Legislature today to research and present to the class. Identify traits and challenges that are similar to those of Mary Gordon Ellis. Information can be obtained from the South Carolina Legislative Handbook. Link is:

Character Education: After researching Mary Gordon Ellis, the students should list the qualities that enabled her to achieve her goals as well as the obstacles she faced. Compare Mary Gordon Ellis with one of today’s leaders.

Interview: Individual or class project. Students identify a respected individual in the school or community. Students provide questions to interview the leader to gain knowledge of the leader’s accomplishments and challenges on their road to success.

Field Trip: Take a class field trip to the South Carolina Legislature while in session to watch the legislative activity on the floor. Or view a virtual field trip:

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