Space Camp | Project Discovery Revisited


Space Camp is a popular camp for children who dream of going into space. The Project Discovery crew visited the Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. The purpose of the camp is to use the excitement of space to get students excited about math and science. At the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, visitors can see the collection of rockets at Rocket Park, try out a space walker, the simulated flight training, or go on a space mission. Students learn about rockets by building and launching their own model rockets. To prepare for their space mission, the student crew trains in a multiaxis trainer, which simulates the disorientation at return. Students do not get sick on this because the inner-ear fluid does not have time to spin and the body is actually rotating around the stomach within a ring. This machine does not spin in the same direction twice in a row. During the space shuttle simulation, or EVA, students do experiments as if they were part of a mission control crew. These mission specialists must learn to work as a team. As part of their mission, they build a structure and actually land the spacecraft on a simulated mission to Mars.

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