Medieval Times, Part 1 | Project Discovery Revisited


Part 1 of this program takes the viewer into the early part of the period from the end of classical civilization to the revival of the learning in the West. Visitors return to the Dark Ages as they cross an 11th-century Spanish-style drawbridge into a medieval castle. They are given a color that represents the knight who will be fighting for them. The setting of the event represents the year 1093, the year before the First Crusade. Christian kingdoms gathered to celebrate and prepare knights to go into battle. Count Don Remundo II and Sir Ryan host the show and tournament of games, which includes piercing rings with lances, passing flags while on horseback, and hitting a target with the lance.

The knights challenge each other to combat for the honor of their kingdom. They then joust and have hand-to-hand combat. The winning knight chooses a Queen of Love and Beauty, and he fights for her honor. Feasting in medieval style means eating with fingers. According to the code of chivalry, women and children always take priority. In addition, a knight always fights the strongest knight for the first fight to show honor and respect for his opponent.

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