Space Science

Earth's solar system is a part of the Milky Way Galaxy which is one of many galaxies in the universe. The planet Earth is a tiny part of a vast universe that has developed over a span of time beginning with a period of extreme and rapid expansion. In this section learn about space and space exploration.
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Space Heroes Learning Activity | S.C. Hall of Fame
Space Heroes Learning Activity | S.C. Hall of Fame


Research each astronaut in the S.C. Hall of Fame videos, Charles M. Duke, Jr., Ronald Erwin McNair and Charles F. Bolden, Jr. Create a slide on each that includes at least five facts and a photo for...
The Space Race Photo Gallery
The Space Race Photo Gallery


This photo gallery includes the following images: United States Air Force Pilot Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager Bell X-1 Sputnik National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Logo President Dwight D...
The Space Race, Part 1
Episode 1


Part 1 briefly outlines the Cold War, and how the "Space Race" got started, with the Soviets' launching of Sputnik, in October, 1957. Next came the U.S. competing with the Soviets to launch a man into...
The Space Race, Part 2
Episode 2


Gemini is the not widely known bridge between Mercury, and the Apollo Program. Gemini would serve as the test-bed for Apollo; to prepare NASA for trips to the moon. After the successes with the Gemini...
2017 Solar Eclipse Live


This program will follow the path of totality for viewers by reporting from Clemson, Columbia, and Charleston. The Columbia broadcast will feature live footage from the South Carolina State Museum’s 2...
The Great American Eclipse | Making It Grow


Astrophotographer Hap Griffin visits us at "Making It Grow" and shares his passion for this event and also gives insights into the science of the Total Solar Eclipse including tips to have a safe and...
Predicting Eclipses | 2017 Total Solar Eclipse


Charles Fulco is the National Education Coordinator for the American Astronomical Society's 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Task Force. In this video, Fulco explains how to predict eclipses. READ TRANSCRIPT...