This is Brookgreen Gardens, Part 5 - Lowcountry Wildlife - Episode 5


The Huntingtons' commitment to animals lives on at Brookgreen today. Native creatures find a safe home here, and the Lowcountry wildlife area exhibits both wild and domestic animals.

The Animals of the Plantation is a domestic animal exhibit, where visitors can see animals that would have been on a plantation.

The Cypress Aviary, is a tidal exhibit.  When the tide is high, the exhibit water is high, and it provides the animals with natural enrichment, the crabs and fish that come in with the tide. 

Herons, egrets and various species of ducks, live up in the trees or down in the water.

Brookgreen Gardens has red and gray foxes. They also have an alligator exhibit.

There is a Meet the Animals program to educate people about the native animals in the area.


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