This is Brookgreen Gardens, Part 4 - Sculptures - Episode 4


Brookgreen Gardens offers a diversity in terms of our sculpture, horticulture, history and ecology. 

Initially when Brookgreen was first put together, it was a place where the native plants and flora were the focus. They are still a major focus  at Brookgreen, but the institution has changed with the times. Sculpture is interpretatively used throughout the landscape.

The "Heron, Grouse, and Loon" is a sculpture that's relatively new to Brookgreen. It's a very large-scale sculpture, and the three birds are what some might consider very daunting. It's a very beautiful sculpture, but it is big and bold.  The "Heron, Grouse, and Loon," appears to be coming out of the brush or marsh. The sculpture blends with the landscape differently than if it was just on a grassed area.

The "Fountain of the Muses," is in an excitable space, that changes out from year to year. During this video, there was a Mediterranean theme with the previous year being a tropical theme.

The Children's Garden was designed in a way that gives the kids the opportunity to feel like they're in a space that relates to their size. When you go in that exhibit area, that garden has sculptures that are a little bit smaller and very whimsical.


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