Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

"Taking the road to a career in Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics is well worth the ride. Doing business in America means moving people, raw materials, and products by road, rail, air, and water. To keep things moving requires millions of workers in supporting industries such as infrastructure planning and management, logistics, and maintenance of vehicles and facilities. The variety of opportunities is dizzying, but to get ahead it helps to have a solid technical background. Individuals from automobile service technicians to airline pilots find their jobs improved and enriched by technical advances."



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Studying Logistics with Let’s Go Careers
Studying Logistics with Let’s Go Careers


Students will watch Let’s Go Career Videos on logistics and complete learning activities to learn about the basics of working in the logistics field. Students will learn about the characteristics of...

Lola Salas, Truck Driver | Let's Go! CAREERS


Hilda (Lola) Salas is a professional truck driver at Hunter Transportation. At the age of eight, she became fascinated when she saw a woman truck driver and had wanted to become one every since. Lola...
Outer Banks, North Carolina | 27:Fifty (1992)
Episode 1


Rich Panter takes viewers around the Outer Banks of North Carolina; a part of a chain of barrier islands off North Carolina's coast. The locations featured in this segment are the Cape Hatteras...