Earth Science

Earth Science is the study of the planet Earth including all aspects of the interior to the atmosphere.
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Lake Jocassee | Carolina Snaps


Lake Jocassee is a 75,000-acre reservoir outside of Salem, South Carolina and is considered the jewel of the Appalachian Mountains.
Where Does Litter Come From? | Making It Grow


When it rains, water either soaks into the ground or flows downhill into small streams and ponds and then into a larger body of water, like a river, lake, or ocean. A watershed is an area of land...
Swamps | From the Sky


Most swamps in South Carolina are found on the coastal plain, a region covering 20,000 square miles between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sandhills. A common type of swamp in this area are known as...
Tankbusters: Life in the Desert
Episode 6


Lieutenant Colonel Joel "Rally" Rush discusses what living conditions were like in the deserts of the Middle East region.
Web of Water Learning Activity
Web of Water Learning Activity


The Web of Water documentary is a wonderful companion to the site's content. Edited as a half-hour broadcast program, the video covers Ian's complete adventure from the mountains to the sea, and...