Sketch by a Member of the Manigault Family | History of SC Slide Collection

This 1813 sketch by a member of the Manigault family of a house to be built in the "Pine Woods" illustrates several aspects of the lifestyle of a wealthy family early in the 19th century. During the hot summer, these families retreated to the summer villages such as Pinopolis, Pineville, and Summerville. The homes built for such retreats were not considered permanent and very few have survived; this valuable image shows the floor plan and the elevation of a vernacular home in the Greek Revival style. Wrote A. I. Deas to her sister about this house, "Don't you think that this is a famous house for the Woods? When it is quite finished, I assure you it will be very comfortable, and it looks quite pretty. It has the appearance of a greenhouse I think. Nothing can be more plain and cheap than it is."

Courtesy of the South Caroliniana Library.

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