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Georgia O'Keeffe | Carolina Snaps


Discover the artistic journey of Georgia O’Keeffe, one of the most renowned modern artists, and her significant ties to South Carolina.
Frida Kahlo | July Factoids


Explore the life and art of Frida Kahlo, the renowned Mexican portrait artist. From her near-fatal accident to her iconic self-portraits, delve into Kahlo's bold use of colors and incorporation of...
Autumn Acrostics : "Fall" Into Writing Poetry!
Autumn Acrostics : "Fall" Into Writing Poetry!


Acrostic poetry is a form that is fun, relaxing, and understandable to most age groups who are readers and writers. Acrostic "name poems" are composed as early as 2nd grade in ELA classes; but that...

Everyone's Circles | Creating with Mr. Dearybury


Wonderful things can happen when love is in your circle. In this episode viewers will learn to make circular art inspired by Kandinsky so they can remember the special people in their circle.
Vashti's Marks | Creating with Mr. Dearybury


Using The Dot, by Peter H. Reynold's, viewers will make a mark, and another mark, and another, and another til a unique piece of art is born. Hang it on the wall, give it to a friend, make up a story...
South Carolina Street Art | Carolina Snaps


From the coast to the upstate there’s art around every corner and on many walls across South Carolina. Artists from the Palmetto State and beyond have contributed to the thriving street art scene...