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Anne King Gregorie (1887-1960), born in Porcher's Bluff near Mt. Pleasant, made significant contributions to the understanding and promotion of South Carolina history. A graduate of Winthrop College, she taught for many years before returning in 1925 to the University of South Carolina to obtain a Master's Degree in History. Four years later she became the first woman to receive a PhD. in History from the University. Her books, "Thomas Sumter" and "The History of Christ Church Parish, 1706-1959," as well as her sketches of notable South Carolinians in the "Dictionary of American Biography," present a South Carolina history enriched with insight and anecdotes. Her most significant contribution to the state is the work she accomplished during the Depression. As director of the Historical Records Survey, she oversaw the work of locating, describing, and transcribing local records (see Historical Records Survey, A Lasting WPA Contribution). Many valuable county, municipal, and church documents were saved from destruction to be made available for lawyers, genealogists, and historians to use.

Courtesy of the South Caroliniana Library.

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