Colonel and Mrs. Thomas Pinckney, Jr. | History of SC Slide Collection

Colonel and Mrs. Thomas Pinckney, Jr., in miniatures by Edward Malbone, the noted early 19th century Charleston portrait artist, painted around the time of their marriage in 1803. She was born Eliza Izard (1784-1862), the daughter of one of the great landed families of the colonial period (see Ralph Izard And Alice Delancey). Thomas Pinckney, Jr. (1780-1842), was born at the Motte family plantation of his mother while his father, General Thomas Pinckney (see image 120 in "Portraits of Noted Carolinians"), was away fighting in the Revolutionary War, and spent much of his childhood abroad while his father was ambassador in London. A planter with interests in scientific agriculture, he was president of the Pendleton Farmer's Society.

Courtesy of the Gibbes Museum of Art/Carolina Art Association.

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