Meet South Carolinians who fought to preserve the history of the state.

Burton, Edward Milby | South Carolina Public Radio


"B" is for Burton, Edward Milby (1898-1977). Museum director, naturalist, historian. As a young man, Burton had an avid interest in hunting and fishing that led to an interest in natural history. In...
Anne King Gregorie | History of SC Slide Collection
Anne King Gregorie | History of SC Slide Collection
Episode 66


Anne King Gregorie (1887-1960), born in Porcher's Bluff near Mt. Pleasant, made significant contributions to the understanding and promotion of South Carolina history. A graduate of Winthrop College...
Susan Pringle Frost | S.C. Hall of Fame


Susan Pringle Frost dedicated her life to making sure that Charleston’s historic architectural beauty would be preserved. Born in Charleston to wealthy parents in 1873, she lived in the Miles Brewton...
Robert Bass | S.C. Hall of Fame


Dr. Robert Duncan Bass (1904-1983) was born in Scranton, South Carolina (Florence County). He received degrees from the University of South Carolina and became one of the nation's leading scholars of...
Ann Pamela Cunningham | S.C. Hall of Fame


Ann Pamela Cunningham (1816-1868) was a South Carolinian from Laurens County who led the effort to restore and preserve Mount Vernon, George Washington’s ancestral home in Virginia. She served as...
Dawn Corley, Charleston Silver Lady | Original SC


A lot of South Carolina's history is handed down through generations in the form of stories or an object. For Dawn Corley, the Charleston Silver Lady, the most personal objects are that of the family...