Dorcas Richardson | Idella Bodie's SC Women (FULL VERSION)

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The Dorcas Richardson program tells the true story about one of Francis Marion’s men, Richard Richardson, his wife Dorcas and their “battle” with Colonel Tarleton. Captain Richardson served under Francis Marion, better known as the Swamp Fox. After six years of fighting, Richard was left scarred from small pox and when he and his escort returned to his home, he discovered that Marion’s enemy Tarleton was there, holding his wife Dorcas prisoner. This story depicts the courage and steadfast love of Dorcas Richardson for her family and her newly formed nation. Despite tremendous effort by Tarleton to force Dorcas into betraying her husband’s whereabouts, she remained true to both her husband and the American cause. Taped at Historic Camden, this story takes us back in time to where South Carolinians fought each other and the British. (* Please preview before use.)