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Vocabulary - The American Revolution

American Revolution – war between England and America for America’s freedom from British rule

British – characteristic of Great Britain, England or the British Empire

Colonists – original settler or founder of a colony

Courier – messenger, one on official business

Loyalist – one who maintained loyalty to the King; a Tory 

Treason – violation of allegiance toward one’s country, the betrayal of one’s own country 


Classroom Activities

Related to the study of the American Revolutionary War

Research: Individual students or small groups. Students use a variety of research materials to create a short presentation about a South Carolinian who played a significant role in the American Revolution explaining why the person was important to the state and nation. Reports should be presented to the class or larger group. 

Character Education: After researching a South Carolinian who played a significant role in the Revolutionary War, the students should list the qualities that enabled them to achieve their goals and the obstacles they faced. A class listing of qualities should be combined in order to compare frequency of similar qualities.

Bulletin Board: Create a class bulletin board of “Who’s Who in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolutionary War.”  

Compare and Contrast Historical Perspective: Compare and contrast the physical appearance, furnishings and “appliances” in the home of the Revolutionary War period with today’s home. Which time period would you rather live in and why? Explain.

Biographies: Select from the listing below a famous woman who played an important role in the Revolutionary War. Design a biography of the woman as a report or display.

Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Lucy Knox, Mercy Otis Warren, Catherine Moore Barry, Sybil Ludington, Nancy Hart, Esther de Berdt Reed, Dorcas Richardson, Emily Geiger, Dicey Langston, Betsy Ross

Analysis: Analyze the character of the British Courier. What did he do to jeopardize his mission of delivering papers to the King’s army? If you were in his position, what would you have done differently? Explain. 

Compare and Contrast: Compare Emily Geiger’s role as courier with the British soldier’s role as a courier. What were the similarities and differences in what each did?

Reconstruction: After viewing the program, describe the plan you would have designed to confiscate the British Courier’s papers. What similarities and differences did you note to Grace and Rachel Martin’s plan? 

Design of State Seal: Through research and drawings, explain the components of the South Carolina State Seal. Display in the classroom or hall.

Field Trip: Take a trip to the Cayce Historical Museum or other local museum with Revolutionary War artifacts.

Cayce Historical Museum, City of Cayce Municipal Complex, 1800 12th Street, Cayce, South Carolina 29033.



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