Williamson, Andrew | South Carolina Public Radio


“W” is for Williamson, Andrew [ca. 1730-1786]. Soldier. Williamson immigrated to Ninety Six District from his native Scotland. He was a lieutenant during the Cherokee War. An ardent patriot at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, Williamson represented Ninety Six District in the First and Second Provincial Congresses. In November 1775, he commanded a patriot force defending Ninety Six and later hunted down Tories during the Snow Campaign. Promoted to colonel, he led South Carolina troops in a punitive expedition against Native Americans on the frontier. The campaign subdued the Cherokees who signed a treaty at DeWitt’s Corner. After the fall of Charleston, he accepted British protection and moved to the port city. During the British occupation of Charleston, he served as a double agent for Continental forces. Because of this, Andrew Williamson was allowed to remain in the state after the Revolution.