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"H" is for Hutty, Alfred Heber (1877-1954). Artist. A native of Michigan, Hutty attended the Art Student League in Woodstock, New York. In 1919, in pursuit of a warmer place to spend winters, he discovered Charleston—and for decades divided his time between Charleston and Woodstock. In 1923, he became one of the founders of Charleston’s Etchers’ Club. Hutty’s oil painting of Charleston streetscapes and lowcountry gardens are impressionistic. However, he earned greater fame for his etchings and drypoints. As a seasonal resident of Charleston between world wars, he is closely identified with the Charleston Renaissance. Unlike many other artists of that era, he rarely idealized the city and its residents. Alfred Heber Hutty’s proficiency with drypoint produced powerful renderings of live oaks draped with Spanish moss, dilapidated old buildings, and animated African Americans.

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