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"H" is for Hunter-Gault, Charlayne (b. 1942). Journalist, civil rights activist. Hunter-Gault attended Wayne State University in Detroit before a judge allowed her to desegregate the University of Georgia. After graduating in 1963, she was a reporter and news anchor for WRC-TV in Washington, D.C. For five years she was the “Talk of the Town” reporter for the New Yorker magazine. As a reporter for the New York Times (1968-1978), she created the newspaper’s Harlem bureau and convinced the newspaper’s editor to use the term “black: instead of “Negro.” She joined public television’s “MacNeil/Lehrer Report” in 1978. Later she worked for NPR as chief African correspondent and in 1999, for CNN. Her 1992 book, In My Place, is a memoir of her growing up in the South and recounts her experiences at the University of Georgia.

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